Rotary Pomace Dryer



While industrial needs are continue to expand, our company aims to respond to these needs as soon as possible with our high efficiency dryers. Beside rotary dryers we can produce spray dryers, fluid bed dryers, belt dryers, flash dryers and special designed dryers. 

Todays industrial dryers can dry up to %98 moisture level with unexpected drying speeds with low energy costs. In this process, since 2013 we completed many R & D studies have been to provide our dryers with more efficient, more advanced and higher capacity.







Our Dryers Can Be Design and Manufacturing For Our Customers Demand.

Just determine your 24 hour capacity and moisture rates the we will produce the best solution. 

4 Wheel Drive System

With our drive motors that locating across each wheel, there is no need to afraid about motor breakdown. Other motors can drive the rotary dryer for discharging wet material.

High Temperature Alarm System

Sometimes wet material entrance can be stop. That will be stop heat and mass transfer too. For that situation an alarm system will warn you to check wet material conveyor.

1700 C resistant furnace

Al-70 quality fire brick using is expensive but that will be increase furnace lifetime

 High productivity

Because of our R&D project, our dryers can be dry with high productivity. We can dry up to %70 humidity(2 phase pomase) with a single rotary dryer.



- We can produce single pass, two pass and three pass rotary dryer models.

-Scada control panel



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